The Movement Ministry is about restoring normal and functional movement. 

Dr. Katie Bacarella is a physical therapist and certified CrossFit Level 2 trainer. Growing up in SW Michigan, she was exposed to the world of disabilities and rehab through her older brother, who was born with cerebral palsy. Time spent volunteering at his special needs school fueled her drive to help other who were limited physically. Beginning at Albion College, she earned a bachelor of arts in Athletic Training while running at the Div. 3 collegiate level. Shortly after beginning her studies for a her doctorate of physical therapy degree at the University of Michigan- Flint, she became a certified athletic trainer.

Katie has always lived an active life, including swimming, horseback riding and running from a young age. In high school she was exposed to weightlifting and fell in love. However she wouldn't return to weightlifting until 5 years later, when her boyfriend at the time (now husband) exposed her to CrossFit. In August 2014, shortly before Katie's PT school graduation, they opened their own CrossFit affiliate in Monroe, MI.

Education has continued to be important to Katie, as she continued to earn her CrossFit level 2 certification, Muscle Activation Technique Jumpstart certified and attended several courses. "The more I learn, the more I realize there is to learn- to be a successful healthcare practitioner, I firmly believe you can never stop learning".

After personally experiencing injuries that affected her ability to enjoy life, participate in activities and move without pain, Katie began to expand her knowledge and practice even more. Katie uses her experience to discuss lifestyle factors in addition to movement dysfunction, that can be contributing to pain. Determining the stressors that are contributing to inflammation, in addition to addressing physical dysfunction. As she continues to learn about functional medicine, holistic and organic health, and how the body moves as a whole, Katie has been able to apply this knowledge in her practice. Addressing the whole body in her treatments is what she believes is her calling. The ability to change one's lives through movement and health is her ministry, and so The Movement Ministry was born.