First Post!


Well my website has been up for over a month now and I'm just finally getting around to writing my first post. Such is life, if there's one thing I've learned- things never go as you plan. 

You can view my bio on the About Us page, if you haven't already. The Movement Ministry is something I decided to create when I personally found a lack of service that I so desperately needed. We are not limited by what insurance dictates, by clinic expectations or any other obstacles you may find in more traditional settings. When dealing with my own low back/SI dysfunction, I struggled to find an individual who would look outside of my low back and pelvis, and provided with answers besides, "stop working out". I found a new perspective after travelling an hour and a half for my friend and first CrossFit coach, a chiropractor, to treat me. He opened my eyes to global, primitive and functional movement patterns. I learned how environmental factors such as stress and nutrition/diet, could affect my pain.

As I began exploring and reading more, I realized there was this small sect of practitioners, breaking off and treating their clients by their global presentation, and not just localized to the area they were complaining about. I was hooked and wanted to join their ranks. About a year and a half later, I'm still working in that direction. I'm extremely excited about everything to come this year regarding my career, education and myself as a professional. This year I hope to further grow The Movement Ministry, to treat individuals at other (CrossFit) gyms than my own, and develop programs/workshops designed to prevent injury and address weaknesses in CrossFitters. I say CrossFitters, because that is the population I have begun with, but hope to expand my clients to include all different high-level recreational athletes.

This year will also be filled with another exciting journey, as my husband and I will be adding to our family! This brings on a whole new experience for me to use to improve myself as a professional. I am currently 14-15 weeks, and continuing to CrossFit- I hope to continue CrossFitting for my entire pregnancy, as long as it is safe for me and my baby. Throughout my journey, I plan to document what I'm experiencing, how I feel and how I'm training. CrossFitting or working out during pregnancy is becoming a little bit more common, but when I began searching for resources after finding out I was pregnant, I didn't find much. 

So where do we go from here? My goal is to post 1-2 times per week, with a mix of personal/pregnancy related posts, and other medical/health related posts. My next post will be about my first trimester- what I expected and didn't expect, what was hard and what was easy.

Thanks for reading!