Pregnancy Update

Decided to do another pregnancy update. I think doing a post every 2-3 weeks will allow me to experience enough changes to make enough content for a new post, so here we go.

I had my 1 hour glucose test 2 weeks ago. After doing Whole30 previously, and following a Whole30 for mothers on Instagram, I knew there was another option instead of the glucose test. Unfortunately I couldn't remember what it was called and things have been so hectic that it wasn't at the top of my priority list to figure it out and get my script to do that instead. So I did the 1 hour test. And failed it.

So I did the 3 hour test last week, I've not hear yet from my midwife if I passed or not, but hopefully passed that one. From what I've read, generally those who fail the 1 hour pass the 3 hour test. However when chatting with a good friend about the glucose test, they said they wouldn't be surprised if I failed that one as well. Why? Because of how I ate prior to becoming pregnant. Prior to becoming pregnant, I was about 90% strict Paleo, low-carb diet. It worked for me, I felt good and my body was no longer inflamed feeling. However since I was eating pretty low-carb and avoiding a lot of sugar, my sensitivity to sugar and insulin went up. And despite eating more carbs and not being Paleo during my pregnancy, it seems that my body has continued to be sensitive to insulin. My midwife said it seems like I have some sensitivity to carbs, so it would be wise to try and decrease the amount I'm consuming. Well Baby B loves carbs, and honestly I'm not consuming anymore than the average person. My diet has really been cleaned up in the past 2 months or so, not Paleo but definitely not the deep-fried junk food I was eating in my first trimester. 

So lesson learned, if I don't pass my 3 hour test, I'll be asking for the A1c test - for all my Paleo/Whole30/gluten-free friends out there who are pregnant, that is the alternative test you need to ask for! However I'm not sure if some insurance companies will pay for that one right off the bat. 

The last couple weeks has really brought around some more changes in my workouts. I found out last week I can't go upside down anymore for handstand push ups- getting down was the issue. Coming down one leg at a time caused pubic/pelvic pain, coming down two legs at a time meant kneeing myself in the belly which didn't feel good, so that went out the window quickly. 

I'm also disappointed, because I feel my time with strict pull ups has ended. The past couple of weeks pull ups have been programmed in WODs after deadlift strength, and I noticed I was "coning" during my pull ups. Originally I attributed this to my midline being more taxed from the deadlifts. However a few days ago, I attempted pull ups after squats, and as soon as I began my pull, I saw some coning, so I stopped. When I first started to notice this, it wasn't until the top of the pull up. So ring rows are now my new friend. It's frustrating because one of my goals for this pregnancy was to keep my strict pull up- which technically I can still do, but I'm not willing to increase any diastasis recti I may have or chance of having, affecting my postpartum recovery because of an ego thing.

Coning can be observed here, as I just started to initiate my pull-up. I stopped immediately, switching to ring rows.

Coning can be observed here, as I just started to initiate my pull-up. I stopped immediately, switching to ring rows.

When it comes to the strength portion of our CrossFit classes, I keep my weights at a manageable level that allows me to breathe throughout the movement. No bracing at this time for me, trying to not add any more intra-abdominal pressure. With the snatch and cleans, I'm most comfortable going from the high hang. I can use more upper body here and don't really have to worry about going around my belly. If the weight is a bit heavier, making the mid-hang an easier lift, it's not so comfortable to me, so I've been avoiding it.

I'm entering into my third trimester now, and realizing we're getting into the homestretch. It seems to be easier to let go of some things now than it was earlier on in the pregnancy. I don't know if it just took time, more knowledge or my goals and thoughts have really switched with my training.

Anyone who reads this and is pregnant, I ask that you take an inventory with how your body is feeling and if it's trying to tell you something. It's not just about if things hurt or not, does it cause weird sensations? Does it make weird things happen to your body? Your body is growing a HUMAN in it, so things are getting all pushed around and stretched out- keep in mind everything it's already doing, there's no need to set PRs at this point. Grow a healthy baby and get yourself ready for the best postpartum experience possible.