#WeeklyWorkouts - Week 18 #MMMomWOD

So this week I decided to do something a little different. Generally I take a day of CrossFit programming and modify it, whether it comes from my husband’s affiliate or CrossFit mainsite’s programming. Today I’m going to do a day of “bodybuilding” style exercises, or an accessory work day. I like to do one of these a week, generally on Saturday’s, as an alternative to a WOD. It still gives a good workout, just a different mindset and can be a nice change of pace at the end of the week. Focus is on quality over quantity here!

With these workouts, I generally focus on a few main areas:

  • Posterior chain- glutes & hamstrings

  • Single arm strength

  • Chest

I choose these areas because they’re most important for me, but I also believe they have a lot of carryover in maintaining balance and decreasing risk of injury. Notice I don’t have abs or core specifically on there. If I do train the core, it’s generally more isometric in nature, with holds, carries, etc.

Warm up

  • Banded sidesteps: Using a small loop band, take a step to the right, and then a step to the left. Repeat for 30-50 reps, until you start to feel some “burning” in the glutes.

    • If sidestepping is painful for pregnant athletes, modify to a squat of appropriate depth.

  • Crossover Symmetry/Banded shoulder exercises: I like to use the Crossover Symmetry to prep the shoulders/upper back, however if you don’t have one, doing some banded pull aparts, resisted external rotation, etc. can get the blood pumping well too.

  • KB Windmills: Great mobility and stability warm-up.

    • Choose a light KB, 5-10 reps on each side.

    • Work the range that can be performed comfortably. You may not be able to go to the floor & that’s okay.

    • Exhale as you lower into the “windmill”, inhale back up to start.


  • Squat/Single Arm Press/Single Arm High Pull: x10 squats / x10 of each SA movement. 3 rounds

    • Choose a squat variation that works well for you.

      • For pregnant/early athletes this may mean back squat or squat to a box.

      • Athletes who are early in their pregnancy or later in postpartum may choose front squats or overhead squats.

      • Keep good alignment- ribs over pelvis!

      • Inhale down, exhale up.

      • Choose a weight that is moderate.

    • Choose a weight for the single arm movements that can be performed unbroken.

      • Keep ribs stacked over pelvis & avoid leaning or twisting of the torso during the movement.

      • Exhale with press/pull, inhale to start.

  • Banded Bridges/Sumo Deadlift: x20 / x10 - 3 rounds

    • If athlete is unable to lay on back for bridges, consider performing a tall kneeling bridge/hip hinge or seated banded abductions.

      • Exhale up, inhale down.

    • Focus on feeling deadlifts in the posterior chain, perform with control.

      • Exhale on pull, inhale down.

  • Floor Chest Press/High Step Ups: x15 / x10 ea leg - 3 rounds

    • Choose a challenging weight that can be performed unbroken for floor press- I use dumbbells for this exercise.

      • Exhale on press, inhale down.

      • Don’t let back arch as fatigue sets in!

    • For later postpartum or early pregnancy athletes, can perform weighted step ups (barbell, KB, DB, etc.)

      • Ideally want step height to put knee above height of the hip (put foot up on box- is your knee higher than your hip?).

      • If step ups are symptomatic for athletes, consider a squat variation such as goblet squats.

      • Exhale up, inhale down.

  • Strict Pull-ups/Lunges: x3-5 / x10 ea leg - 3 rounds

    • If you don’t have strict pull-ups, I’d recommend doing a negative if possible.

      • If strict pull-ups cause coning, scale to rings or seated pull downs.

      • Try to maintain a “hollow body” position with pull-ups.

      • Exhale on pull, inhale down.

    • Lunges can become weighted for athletes if they are unsymptomatic. i.e. barbell, DB, etc. from back rack/front rack/overhead.

      • If lunges cause symptoms, another squat variation could be used or sled pulls/pushes.

      • Inhale down, exhale up.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas of other ways you can workout without necessarily having to do CrossFit. CrossFit is great & I love it, but it’s nice to have some other options as well! Do you have a favorite “bodybuilding” exercise? If so, post it below!