What I wish I would have known about postpartum.

Continuing from my Sunday series, last week was about labor & delivery, this week is postpartum.  

  1. Breastfeeding is so hard. It’s not natural or instinctive as you would think.

  2. Giant pads and hospital undies will be your savior. You can’t believe you gave birth and you also wonder how the heck things are going to go back!

  3. You’ll still look pregnant at 2 weeks postpartum. At 4 weeks postpartum. Heck it took months before I felt comfortable.

  4. Things that may seem so easy and simple like a mile on a bike, super easy pace can cause lochia.

  5. A hot shower, clean clothes and brushing your teeth will the epitome of a spa day at this point.

  6. Don’t worry about eating clean or whatever because you want to lose weight. Just eat! Especially if you’re breastfeeding.

  7. Sleep when the baby sleeps.

  8. Don’t take every piece of advice as law. Find what works for you and your baby.

  9. Take the help. I did not really do this and I regret it. Take advantage of friends and family who want to help you. As much as it may kill you, say “ok”.

  10. Snuggle that baby as much as possible. Too soon you will have to return to the real world. They will never be that little again. They will never curl up on your chest that way again.

  11. Postpartum depression and anxiety are real things that many more people have than the stats say. Talk to someone. Your hormones are going crazy- while this is to be expected, it doesn’t mean you have to go through it alone.