You need more recovery.

If you got here via my Instagram, you saw the picture that inspired this post. I would say most people know that they should eat clean, get good sleep and do mobility work. But how much is necessary? This image breaks down ways of recovery and gives you an idea of overall how effective they are.



Good recovery is just as important as good training. Without good recovery, the effects of training will be mitigated. So where are most people missing out on recovery? Here's my top picks: getting enough sleep (8 hours), mobility work, eating clean & drinking alcohol.

Interestingly enough, if you go by the chart above, eating a proper diet in a day can be completely negated by drinking alcohol...of course this doesn't specify how much alcohol, but that certainly makes me think & I hardly drink!

Now for some of us, it's harder than others to get all the recovery- parents of babies & young children, I'm especially thinking of you. Tori had a rough week, and there were multiple nights where I only got 3-4 hours tops of sleep a night. My body is unable to recover from my training as well when I'm not getting that full recovery sleep...or at least 6 hours. 

So what does this mean?

If there are aspects of your life that keep you from recovering well, consider adjusting your training. It's possible that doing CrossFit WODs 4 days/week and one day of yoga/easy jogging/etc. instead of 5 days/week of CrossFit will yield bigger gains in the long run, in addition to keeping your body healthier. If it's a busier week at work, take a day off from the gym and instead doing some mobility work. Sick kid? Try to get in a walk instead of making it to the gym.

Newly postpartum moms. This is why I don't recommend working out on back-to-back days when returning to exercise (after cleared by physician!). The stress of working out, plus a newborn (lack of sleep & self-care is likely), plus a healing body = recovery & rest is way more important than exercise!

My point is that YOU have the ability to control your recovery, which is directly related to your training and vice versa. Optimizing your recovery will only help the gainz in the gym, and who doesn't want that?