What I wish I had known about pregnancy.

I decided to do a blog post today about what I wish I had known about pregnancy. Stayed tuned for a little series with labor/delivery and postpartum too. 

  1. I wish I knew how out of control I would be of my body. Not being to stomach vegetables for a majority of my pregnancy was really hard. Watching my body grow and change was really hard.

  2. I wish I knew that there’s an alternative to the fasting glucose test. It’s called the A1c test, get that instead!

  3. I wish I would have gotten a pregnancy pillow sooner. It made a world of difference.

  4. That you can go see a physical therapist for treatment during pregnancy. Ok, I knew this one but I don’t think most people do or think about going to PT during pregnancy. There’s PTs trained to work with pregnant and postpartum women!

  5. I wish I knew that everyone was going to comment on the size of my belly. I was literally told in the same week that I was huge and that I didn’t look that far along.

What do you wish you would have known during pregnancy?