CrossFit Open 2019

I’m back! I’ve taken a hiatus from doing a lot of social media and blog work, but I’m back- I’ll be doing a weekly blog post after each Open workout announcement, with scaling/modification recommendations for athletes who are injured, pregnant and/or postpartum. Whether you are signed up for the Open or not, coach or athlete, I hope you find the posts informative & helpful.

I am signed up for this year’s Open and excited! I’m currently almost 17 months postpartum, with most aspects of my fitness back to my previous level, if not better. I participated in the 2017, very early in my pregnancy. I opted to not participate in 2018, as I was early postpartum- around 4-5 months. The biggest reason for not participating last year was not wanting the “temptation” to try a workout or movement that I wasn’t ready for yet. Hanging from the bar caused coning, which eliminated a few movements right there. My focus at the time was building my foundation and slowly building back my strength and skills while avoiding symptoms such as coning, leaking, pressure, pain, etc.

For my early postpartum or pregnant athletes, I would recommend considering if signing up for the Open will bring the same “temptation” that I was concerned about with myself. If you think you may be tempted, consider not signing up or not logging your workouts online to avoid this. Your recovery and health is so much more important than a workout, movement or score. You can absolutely still participate in the WODs at your gym and use this blog as a place to get recommendations for modifications for your individual situation.

If you’ve read my blogs before, you know I highly recommend EVERYONE who gives birth, to be seen by a pelvic floor physical therapist. If you’re doing well with no symptoms, it could very well be just one visit and then recommendations for a home exercise program, posture, exercise, etc. I am now a pelvic floor physical therapist, who specializes in pregnant and postpartum women, in addition to background in sports medicine/orthopedics and working with CrossFitters. I’ve been working to become the coach and healthcare professional that I needed. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

Happy CrossFit Open season!