#WorkoutWednesday - Week 5 #MMMomWOD

Welcome to the fifth week of #WorkoutWednesday - I go a little further back in the programming archives this week for a day of programming from March 2017. Now that I know more about coaching and scaling during pregnancy (and postpartum), it's interesting for me to look back at workouts I performed while pregnant and how I would scale them differently now.

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Why I don’t recommend kipping beyond the first trimester.

Us CrossFitters love our kipping- it helps us do sexy gymansty stuff. But it’s not the best idea if someone is pregnant. Here’s why.

Let’s think about the kip. It’s broken down into the hollow swing and the arch swing. Both of those positions can cause symptoms/issues in pregnant athletes. In the hollow position, there is increased stress and demand on the abdominals. In the arch position, the abdominals are put on stretch – especially for those who over-exaggerate or "break" the kip.

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May has flown by, which means that Memorial Day and "Murph" is around the corner. For any non-CrossFitter, Murph is a hero WOD commonly performed on Memorial Day. Murph is 1 mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 air squats and a final 1 mile run. 

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CrossFit Open

It's that time of year- The Open is here! The Open is the "start" to the "season" of CrossFit. It's an extremely exciting time, as everyone around the world does the same workouts! I would like to pass on some advice regarding being physically and mentally prepared. I have participated or been around The Open since 2014. If you're injured, pregnant or postpartum, I've got some stuff for you, so keep reading!

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First Post!


Well my website has been up for over a month now and I'm just finally getting around to writing my first post. Such is life, if there's one thing I've learned- things never go as you plan. 

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